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Derping at Riminicomix~

"how the hell did he—"  buzz!! 

"oh shit, not bokuto too."

You know, I really care about others. People ask me for advice all the time, and they ask me to help out… I’m always considerate of others, and I can read situations. Wait, aren’t I too perfect?! Aren’t I an awesome chick!?

Why are you saying such terrible things?

A demon’s nights are long. He must keep a sharp watch to prevent anyone from breaking his delicate prey. He does his utmost to ensure that he’ll receive a soul brimming with despair upon the completion of his master’s foolish wish.

Hanzo Urushihara - The Gen. Demon Lucifer

I am simply one hell of a butler.



aneta: Sebastian Michaelis or Makishima Shougo

I know your name too, Junon Boy! It’s…It’s, um…Village Chief was sayin’ golly!